Sunday – Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm

390 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601
Lot parking at 46 North St.


Jason O’Toole, Chef & Owner


Chef/owner Jason O’Toole has been achieving career success since the young age of 17 when he set off to be a part of the team at Le Cirque in New York City. Shortly after his time with Le Cirque he continued on to complete his studies at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Jason took the talent he acquired from his practice at the CIA to London to work for Chef Gordon Ramsay at his Claridge’s restaurant. He then returned to MA to work in various chef positions around Boston and Cape Cod. Prior to starting Pizza Barbone, Jason had been working as a personal chef for several years on board a privately owned yacht and at the owner’s various residences. While traveling down the east coast in October of 2009, the boat made a stop in Charleston, S.C. where Jason found himself at a restaurant by the name of Extra Virgin Oven (EVO). During his visit to the wood fired pizza restaurant, he met the chefs and owners of EVO and learned about their story of starting off traveling around to local farmers markets with their mobile oven and working with the fresh local ingredients from the Charleston farming community. The very next day Jason returned to the restaurant to purchase the mobile oven they had for sale and the story of Pizza Barbone began. By May of 2010 Jason was operating his mobile oven at public events and farmers markets on Cape Cod. He quickly established a large following of customers booking private parties and has successfully continued with that to today.In the winter of 2012 Jason excitedly signed a lease on his first brick and mortar location for Pizza Barbone on Main St. in Hyannis. Through the Spring he worked tirelessly with the crew building out his new space and proudly opened the doors for his first customers on Father’s Day weekend. Jason enjoys talking with as many of his guests in the restaurant as he can and looks forward to all of the years of Neapolitan pizzas he will be bringing to the visitors, residents and customers of Pizza Barbone.

Ali O’Toole


I started out my life daydreaming of two things. First and foremost, finding the love of my life and secondly, food. As fate would have it, they happened to come in the form of a package deal.
As a kid, I grew up with a love of entertaining my sisters with impressions of famous figures from the food world of the 80’s. Whether it be Julia Child or the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, I always found a way to command my sisters attention on long car rides in the family station wagon with “cooking show” improvs much to their delight. Upon my many travels with my family I also kept travel journals, which in turn, really ended up being food journals. My entries most often focused on what I ate that day, where I was when I ate it and what was so wonderful about it. For me, there was always an opportunity to make the enjoyment of a meal or a sweet treat last even longer by jotting it down to pour back over and savor all over again. There was a particular piece of cake on a plane ride to Florida once that my family reminisces on my documentation of quite hilariously!

Flash forward several years later to December 22, 2009. This was the day my life changed in a way I can’t even explain with words. I found the love of my life, Jason O’Toole, and he far surpassed anything I had ever dreamt of for myself. Together we share our love of food and travel, but more importantly than anything, our love for each other. We began our relationship starting our own business together and ever since have looked forward to every single day as best friends loving, laughing, eating, traveling and growing a business together!

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